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St Joseph’s Indoor Track & Field schedule

December 5, 2010

What meets will you be going to?

St Joseph’s indoor Track and Field schedule:

Men’s and Women’s Schedule
Date Event Location
December 3, 2010 Jack Pyrah Invitational Haverford, PA
December 11, 2010 Princeton New Years Invitational Princeton, NJ
January 7, 2011 Delaware Newark, Del.
January 7, 2011 (Women:) Princeton 4-way Princeton, N.J.
January 8, 2011 Penn State Relays State College, Pa.
January 14, 2011 NYC Gotham Cup New York, N.Y.
January 22, 2011 Princeton Relays Princeton, N.J.
January 28-29, 2011 Penn State Nationals State College, Pa.
January 29, 2011 Delaware Thompson Newark, Del.
February 4-5, 2011 Yale Giegengack New Haven, Conn.
February 11, 2011 Lafayette/Rider New York, N.Y.
February 18-19, 2011 Atlantic 10 Indoor Championships Kingston, R.I.
February 25, 2011 TBA TBA
March 5-6, 2011 ICAAAA Championships Boston, Mass.
March 11, 2011 NCAA Championships TBA

This is a re-presentation of the schedule from the St. Joseph’s Track and Field team pages. Where there is a conflict, please alert me [and then pay attention to the St Joseph’s team information.]


A new blog – about the Saint Joseph’s University Track and Field, and Cross-Country teams

December 3, 2010

This introduces a new blog, about the St Joseph’s University men’s and women’s track and field, and men’s and women’s cross-country teams.  St Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia, PA, has a lot to be proud of, not the least being these teams.  This blog’s intent will be to complement – and supplement – the University’s athletic websites.

The principle audience for this Track & Field, and Cross-Country, website will, I anticipate, be parents, alumni, team members past and present,  and fans, rather than the general public.  All are invited – as readers or authors.

You are invited – in particular – to contribute content, comments, admonitions, and corrections.   Please keep me honest, and let me know if you find this interesting and useful, and what you would like to see here.  Better yet – write (or photograph) it and send it to me! I will apologize in advance for errors of omission and commission – and procrastination.   As this blog is in no way sponsored or endorsed by St Joseph’s University, all errors will be mine – or yours – alone.

Saint Joseph’s Track & Field at the 2011 Yale Giegengack

February 9, 2011

Results from the Yale Giegengack Meet, Feb. 4th-5th, 2011:

Women’s 200 Meter Dash

13 Emily Coldren 26.60 5
25 Karly Cahill 27.79 9

Women’s Distance Medley

4 Rose, Geddes, Slattery, Barrett 12:01.85

Women’s 5000 Meter Run

1 Maureen O’Donnell 17:03.78
6 Katie Barrett 18:13.16
8 Beth Lambright 18:21.19

Women’s High Jump

4 Hannah Boyce  1.60m
7 Alison Smith 1.55m

Women’s Long Jump

7 Hannah Boyce  5.02m

Men’s 200 Meter Dash

17 Tyler Dougherty 22.97
29 Tom DiNatale 23.39
32 Christopher Lau 23.91

Men’s Distance Medley

4 Fischer, Sabre, Brooks, Leskow 10:01.00
8 Manion, Senestant, Arcarola, O’Kane 10:23.61

Men’s 5000 Meter Run

4 Mike Rankin 14:48.30
11 Kevin Donnelly 15:33.48

Men’s Long Jump

17 Michael Yap 5.86m
Vinny To       FOUL

Be sure to read Saint Joseph’s report on the meet on the Saint Joseph’s University website:  WomenMen.

The Yale Giegengack Invitational is named, Yale University tells us, for late legendary track and Field coach, Bob Giegengack. “Teacher, coach, philosopher, tireless storyteller, and international leader in track and field, Bob Giegengack spent more than 40 fruitful, exciting years in a career he loved. Helping talented young people to excel, both in their sport and in their studies, met his highest ideals. He trained his athletes, encouraged them, and taught them strategies for success, always with the goal of mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body. From each athlete, he demanded the best effort possible, not just for the sake of individual achievement, but also for the good of the team. Beginning with his high school students at Brooklyn Prep, then at Fordham and Yale, and as an Olympic coach in Melbourne (1956) and Tokyo (1964), “Gieg” worked to fulfill his personal ideals as a teacher, mentor, and competitor. After his retirement in 1976, he coached Yale’s first women’s team. The Giegengack legacy of talent, devotion, and high ideals lives on at Yale today. Yale’s Bob Giegengack Endowment Fund ensures that legacy for the future.”

Saint Joseph’s University competes in the Penn State Nationals

February 9, 2011

Results from the 2011 Penn State Nationals:

Women’s results

Women’s 500m Dash

9 Katie Pratt 1:16.51

Women’s 800m Run

8 Kristin Andrews 2:14.73

Women’s 1000m Run
6 Sara Walker 2:58.24

Women’s 1 Mile Run

13 Kathleen Casey 5:02.77

Women’s 3000m Run

3 Maureen O’Donnell 10:00.48

Women’s 5000m Run

6 Jessica DiCicco 17:44.34

Women’s 4 x 400m Relay

21 Pratt, Geddes, Kogut, Andrews     3:53.87

Women’s 4 x 800m Relay

6 Barrett, Walker, Slattery, Rose 9:16.75

Women’s 4,000m Distance Medley

5 Walker, Pratt, Rose, Casey 12:17.61

Women’s High Jump

12 Hannah Boyce 1.60m

Women’s Long Jump

13 Hannah Boyce 4.71m

Women’s Triple Jump

15 Nohjay Nimpson 11.78m

Men’s results

500m Dash

2 Jared Sabre 1:03.68
13 Derek Henry 1:05.74
16 George Arcarola 1:06.11

Men’s 1 Mile Run

6 Luke Fischer 4:16.48

Men’s 5000m Run

5 Jonathan Mazzio 14:57.84
11 Vincent Collins 15:20.82

Men’s 4 x 400m Relay

9 Smith, Henry, Barbalinardo, Sabre 3:17.34

Men’s 4,000m Distance Medley

2 Fischer, Smith, Brooks, Leskow 10:08.92

Read the full analysis on the Saint Joseph’s University Track & Field website: Women / Men

Saint Joseph’s University at the Thomson Invitational at University of Delaware

February 6, 2011

Results from the Thomson Invitational at University of Delaware Track Meet:

Terrific showing by Saint Joseph’s University, as the Men finished 4th out of 21 teams, and the Women;s team finished 7th out of 24 teams.

Women’s results

Women’s 60m Dash

9 Stefani Zabilowic 8.19
13 Emily Coldren 8.29
15 Jessica Chen  8.38
16 Karly Cahill  8.44
18 Francesca D’Angelo  8.62

Women’s 200m Dash

12  Stefani Zabilowicz 27.01
21  Shannon Casey 28.05
23  Francesca D’Angelo 28.62

Women’s 400m Dash

8 Lauren Wenzel 1:01.71
11 Emily Coldren 1:03.64
16 Karly Cahill 1:08.96

Women’s 500m Dash

7 Mia Greer 1:24.97

Women’s 800m Run

6 Paige O’Neill 2:27.91

Women’s 1 Mile Run

4 Liz Welsh 5:25.30
5 Erin James 5:25.58
11 Samantha Peters 5:36.71
12 Emily Chappell 5:40.38
15 Lisa Chen 6:22.25

Women’s 3000m Run

5 Beth Lambright 10:49.63
6 Katie Barrett 10:56.90
7 Christina Morelli 11:10.31
10 Laura Faller 11:35.02

Women’s 5000m Run
2 Lyndsey Sample 19:04.03
4 Darcy O’Connor 20:35.07

Women’s 60m Hurdles

3 Stefani Zabilowicz 9.14
5 Francesca D’Angelo 9.60
8 Shannon Casey 9.72
11 Jessica Chen 9.81
20 Mia Greer 10.76

Women’s 4 x 400m Relay

5 Coldren, Wenzel, Casey, Greer 4:17.91

Women’s 4 x 800m Relay

2 Welsh, Fuller, Peters, O’Neill 10:02.28

Women’s High Jump

3 Allison Smith 1.50m

Men’s results

Men’s 60m Dash

4 Tom DiNatale      7.34
9 Christopher Lau     7.71
11 John DiPersio     7.73

Men’s 200m Dash

1 Tom DiNatale     23.00
9 Christopher Lau     24.54

Men’s 400m Dash

2 Tyler Dougherty     51.59

Men’s 500m Dash

2 logan Hohs     1:08.78
3 Griffith Roberts     1:08.79
6 Michael Gallagher     1:10.89

Men’s 800m Run

1 Ryan Fenimore     2:00.48
3 kyle Lampart     2:03.28
4 Jorry Senestant     2:04.69
5 Ryan Anderson     2:04.70
7 Andrew Townsen     2:06.60

Men’s  1000m Run

2 David Manion     2:33.68

Men’s 1 Mile Run

3 Mike Rankin     4:22.30
5 Dan Roark     4:25.92
7 Tom O’Kane     4:27.68
10 Murphy O’Donnell     4:34.16
11 Patrick Donnelly     4:35.59
12 Kevin Donnelly     4:36.84
13 John Eastman     4:46.30
15 Ryan Birchmeier     4:52.92

Men’s 3000m Run

7 Max Margiotta     9:19.27
11 Greg Etter     9:30.31
13 Sean Staltari     9:36.39

Men’s 5000m Run
2 Evans, David     16:12.14

Men’s 4 x 400m Relay

2 Senestant, Dougherty, Gallagher, DiNatale     3:30.21

Men’s 4 x 800m Relay
1  O’Kane, Townsend, Manion, Donnelly     8:14.58

Men’s Long Jump

Michael Yap FOUL
Vinny To     FOUL

Men’s Triple Jump

Vinny To     FOUL
John DiPersio FOUL

Be sure to read Saint Joseph’s University’s write-up of this meet (Women, and Men) on the Saint Joseph’s University’s website.

Full Results of the meet are available on DirectAthletics (, on RunnerSpace (, or on the Saint Joseph’s University website.

Princeton Relays

February 6, 2011

Well, someone (me) has some ‘splaining to do,

While the St Joseph’s Indoor Track & Field Women;s and Men’s teams have been sprinting, running, jumping, and  hurdling, I have been…well…who the hell cares – I’ve been busy.  My apologies for the delay in posting some updates on the Saint Joseph’s University Indoor Track & Field season.

Nancy and I finally got to a Saint Joseph’s track meet, in Princeton,  and were thrilled to see the team in action, and quite a few of the school colors in attendance.

Women’s results

Women’s 60m Dash

11 Jaclyn Kogut 8.17
14 Emily Coldren 8.20 (season best)
29 Karly Cahill 8.43 (season best)
33 Jessica Chen 8.47

Women’s 300m Dash

16 Emily Coldren 43.49
23 Shannon Casey 44.03 (season best)
32 Francesca D’Angelo 45.10 (season best)

Women’s 400m Dash

5 Katie Pratt 1:00.10 (season best)
6 Shannon Geddes 1:00.79 (season best)
7 Jaclyn Kogut 1:00.84 (season best)
8 Lauren Wenzel 1:01.03 (season best)

Women’s 500m Dash

15 Danielle Osborne 1:22.92 (season best)
19 Mia Greer 1:24.04 (season best)

Women’s 800m Run

22 Paige O’Neill 2:31.97
25 Lisa Chen 2:34.94
29 Hannah Brown 2:41.99

Women’s 1 Mile Run

10 Emma Slattery 5:19.01
16 Erin James 5:23.74
26 Emily Chappell 5:35.68
27 Laura Faller 5:36.47

Women’s 3000m Run

11 Darcy O’Connor 11:09.13
19 Samantha Peters 11:20.14

Women’s 60m Hurdles

2 Stefani Zabilowicz 9.06 (season best)
5 Francesca D’Angelo 9.46
6 Jessica Chen 9.47

Women’s 4 x 400m Relay

2 Geddes, Kogut, Wenzel, Pratt 4:02.70

Women’s High Jump

6 Hannah Boyce 1.55m

Women’s Long Jump

13 Hannah Boyce 4.71m

Women’s Triple Jump

2 Nohjay Nimpson 11.88m

Men’s results

60m Dash

12 Tyler Dougherty 7.27
21 Michael Yap 7.41
31 John DiPersio 7.63 (season best)
33 Christopher Lau 7.71

Men’s 300m Dash

7 Tyler Dougherty 36.10 (season best)
9 Derek Henry 36.24 (season best)
33 Christopher Lau 39.13

Men’s 400m Dash

2 David Smith 50.4
25 Tom DiNatale, Tom 51.09
12 Griffith Roberts 52.94

Men’s 500m Dash

3 George Arcarola 1:07.12
6 Michael Gallagher 1:08.51
8 Jorry Senestant 1:09.30 (season best)
17 Ryan Anderson 1:12.82

Men’s 800m Run

3 Jared Sabre 1:56.27
10 David Manion 1:59.25
18 Garrett Barbalinardo 2:02.64
19 Ryan Fenimore 2:02.82
24 Kyle Lampart 2:05.05
28 Tom O’Kane 2:07.10

Men’s 1 Mile Run

13 Patrick Donnelly 4:30.23
16 Ryan Birchmeier 4:30.85 (season best)
26 Murphy O’Donnell 4:38.17
29 Greg Etter 4:41.11

3000m Run

10 Kevin Donnelly 8:57.68 (season best)
20 Max Margiotta 9:17.08 (season best)
24 John Eastman 9:28.71
25 Sean Staltari 9:28.72 (season best)

Men’s 4 x 400m Relay

2 Smith, Barbalinardo, Henry, Sabre 3:23.06
8 Senestant, Manion, Lampart, Fenimore 3:33.67

Men’s Long Jump

10 Daniel Early 6.65m
16 Michael Yap 5.99m (season best)
20 John DiPersio 5.78m

Men’s Triple Jump

5 Daniel Early 13.06m


You should also visit the Saint Joseph’s University Track & Field website for an official perspective on how the Women and Men performed.

Preview: Princeton Relays January 22, 2011

January 21, 2011

The best Information I have is that the Princeton Relays tomorrow (January 22) begin at 4 pm, and go late.

Marist College has this schedule of events on their website:
Alert: These are for unofficial use only.

Schedule of Events – Track (Women to Follow Men)
5 p.m. – 60-meter dash (trials)
5:25 p.m. – 60-meter hurdles (trials)
5:50 p.m. – Mile run
6:20 p.m. – 60-meter dash (finals)
6:35 p.m. – 60-meter hurdles (finals)
6:50 p.m. – 400-meter dash
7:10 p.m. – 500-meter dash
7:30 p.m. – 800-meter dash
7:55 p.m. – 300-meter dash
8:25 p.m. – 1,000-meter run
8:45 p.m. – 3,000-meter run
9:15 p.m. – 4×400-meter relay

Field Events 4 p.m. – 35 lb. Wt, followed by 20 lb. wt., followed by men’s shot, followed by women’s shot
– Women’s LJ, followed by men’s LJ, followed by women’s TJ, followed by men’s TJ
5 p.m. – Women’s pole vault, followed by men’s pole vault
5:30 p.m. – Men’s high jump followed by women’s high jump

Parking:  Lots 21 or 23 are two possibilities.

Directions to these lots (from the Princeton website):

Traveling via GPS? : Plug in these coordinates: N 40° 20’ 659” W 74° 38’ 820” for Jadwin Gym.


Lot 21:

Heading north on Washington Road (away from Route 1), turn right onto Faculty Road. (If you are heading south on Washington Road from Nassau Street/Route 27, turn left onto Faculty Road instead.)  After passing Jadwin Gym, turn left on FitzRandolph Road and then take the first left turn into Lot 21.

Lot 23:

From Alexander Road: Turn onto Faculty Road (traffic light, gas station), and proceed to the traffic circle. Go three quarters of the way around the circle and turn right onto Elm Drive. At the next traffic circle, go three quarters of the way around and proceed to the parking lot on the left.

From Washington Road: Follow Faculty Road west (turning left if coming from Route 1; right if coming from Nassau Street) to the traffic circle. Go a quarter of the way around the circle, and turn right onto Elm Drive. At the next traffic circle, go three quarters of the way around and proceed to the parking lot on the left.

See you there!

New York City Gotham Cup, 2011

January 21, 2011

Your faithful reporter is obviously very late wrapping results from last week’s meets.  (Testimony to a very busy week.)   I cannot do better than to direct you to the Saint Joseph’s University’s Track & Field official team sites to read about some outstanding performances by, among others, Nohjay Nimpson (who won the Triple Jump the 2nd week in a row!), Beth Lambright (mile run), and Hannah Boyce (High Jump).

Some of the noteworthy performances by the men included Jon Mazzio (mile run), Michael Yap (Long Jump), Garrett Barbalinardo (800 meter), and the 4×800 relay team (Brian Guterl, Jesse Brooks, Tom O’Kane, and Luke Fischer).

Be sure to visit to the Saint Joseph’s University’s Women’s team site, and Men’s team site, for more of the details from Coach Mike Glavin and Coach Kevin Quinn.  (And please alert me to any errors or omissions.)

Full results of the Gotham Cup can be found on the Saint Joseph’s University athletic website, or here (

This exciting team is giving us plenty to watch at the Princeton Relays on Saturday.

Preview: New York City’s Gotham Cup – January 14, 2011

January 8, 2011

The New York City Gotham Cup is just a week away!

Date:  January 14, 2011, beginning at 12:30 pm

Location: The New Balance Track and Field Center at The Armory (“The Armory Track & Field Center”, Tel. 212 923-2068), 216 Fort Washington Avenue, New York, NY 10032.

Directions: Go here.

Parking:  “Street parking adjacent to the Armory is available and requires feeding a meter. Two good options are Riverside Drive just south of 165th Street or the parking lot at 165th Street and Fort Washington Avenue.”

Possible (untested) directions to the parking garage (Tel. 212.305.2718) : “The parking garage is located between 164th and 165th Streets & Fort Washington Avenue. On Fort Washington Avenue, cross the light at W. 165th Street, the parking facility is straight ahead on your Right.

Schedule of Events (unofficial): from DirectAthletics, here:

Field Events – Beginning at 12:30pm
Women’s Pole Vault, followed by Men Value (unseeded)
Men’s Vault (seeded)
Men’s Shot put (seeded), followed by
Men’s Shot put (unseeded)
Women’s Shot put (seeded), followed by
Women’s Shot put (unseeded), followed by
Weight Throws

Track Events – Beginning at 1:00pm
60 Hurdles – trials
Mile (unseeded)
60 meter – trials
400m – Final
500m – Final
800m (unseeded)
1000m – Final
Mile (seeded)
800m (seeded)
60 Hurdle Finals (top 16 from trials)
60 Dash Final (top 16 from trials)

Field Events – Following Dash
Men’s High Jump, Women’s  High Jump

Track Events – continuing from track events above
4×400 relay – Final
4×800 relay – Final
DMR (distance medley relay) – Final
Women’s 3000 – Final
Men’s 3000 – Final
Women’s 5000 – Final
Men’s 5000 – Final

Field Events – continuing from field events above
Beginning at 1:00pm
Men’s and Women’s Long Jump (seeded), followed by
Men’s and Women’s Long Jump (unseeded)

Men’s and Women’s Triple Jump  (seeded), followed by
Men’s and Women’s Triple Jump  (unseeded)

Results from the 2010 Gotham Cup: Go here.

Tip:   While there, why not have a look at the on-site National Track & Field Hall of Fame?.  Hours: Mid November – Mid April): Tuesday-Sunday, 10AM to 5PM. Admission: $5.00.

Any other suggestions for attending the Gotham Cup?

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