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Alberto Salazar, and the Long Distance Runner

December 31, 2010

From the November 8th The New Yorker:

Can Alberto Salazar straighten out American distance running? (9 pages)

The November 8th issue of The New Yorker contains this fascinating article by Jennifer Kahn on the long distance coaching philosophy and techniques of Alberto Salazar.

Perfect Stride” traces the life of Alberto Salazar from runner to coach, and discusses the orthodoxy of Salazar’s coaching techniques as his methodology has drifted between technology and form.

Video: Video: Changing Stride, The New Yorker

Why does Salazar think you should not run long distance with your thumbs pointing up?  What does Salazar think about a long vs. short and quick retraction of the trailing leg in sprinters and long distance runners?  What does Salazar think is the optimal position of the femur bone relative to the ground for a runner?

These are just a few of the ideas that make this piece a worthy read.


Looking Ahead to Penn State Relays, January 8, 2011

December 28, 2010

Saint Joseph’s University Women’s and Men’s Track teams travel to Penn State on Saturday, January 8th for the Penn State Relays.

Location: Penn State, Horace Ashenfelter III Indoor Track,

The tentative schedule of events can be found here,


Places to stay:

Parking:  Go here.

Last year’s (2010) results:


Hawk Men head to Delaware Invitational

December 28, 2010

After the holiday hiatus, the Saint Joseph’s Men’s track team heads to the Delaware Invitational, in Newark, DE, on Friday, January 7, 2011.

Delaware Field House

Directions to the facility:

From the North and the East:
I-95 South to Delaware exit 1-B, Route 896 north. Delaware Field House is located on the right, after Routes 4/896 intersection and adjacent to the Bob Carpenter Center and Delaware Stadium.

From the South and the West:
I-95 North to Maryland Exit 109B, Route 279 north (also called Route 2). Proceed on this road which becomes Elkton Road into Newark. Turn right at the intersection of Routes 2 (279) and 4. Turn left at intersection of Routes 4/896. The Delaware Field House Center is located on the right, adjacent to the Bob Carpenter Center and Delaware Stadium.

Schedule of events – from Ultimate Sports Products (event organizer)

Places to stay, if you are traveling from afar.

Note: There will be no concession stand at the facility, so bring coffee (etc.) with you!

Results from last year’s Delaware Invitational can be found here (

Saint Joseph’s Womens’ Track Team Head to Princeton Quad Meet

December 28, 2010

The Saint Joseph’s Women’s Track Team heads to Princeton on Friday, January 7, 2011 for a Quad Meet with Princeton, Rutgers, and St. John’s University.

Location: Princeton’s Jadwin Gymnasium

Princeton University's Jadwin Gymnasium

Schedule of events here:

One idea for parking – Directions to Lot 21

Heading north on Washington Road (away from Route 1), turn right onto Faculty Road. (If you are heading south on Washington Road from Nassau Street/Route 27, turn left onto Faculty Road instead.)  After passing Jadwin Gym, turn left on FitzRandolph Road and then take the first left turn into Lot 21.

Happy Holidays to all Saint Joseph’s University athletes, coaches, parents, and fans

December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays to all athletes, coaches, parents, and fans.

While you are awaiting more news and information here, enjoy your holidays – and this video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Opera Company of Philadelphia “Hallelujah!” Ran…, posted with vodpod


Saint Joseph’s Luke Fischer Atlantic-10 Co-Performer of the Week

December 14, 2010

Congratulations to Saint Joseph’s University‘s Luke Fischer for his being awarded Atlantic 10 Co-Performer of the Week for Luke’s performance in the Mile race at the Princeton New Year’s Invitational.   More details below as well as on the Saint Joseph’s University Indoor Track team website, and on the Atlantic 10 website.

SJU Hawks at Princeton New Year’s Invitational

December 13, 2010

Results for the Saint Joseph’s University Hawks at the Princeton New Year’s Invitational Track & Field meet.

Congratulations to our Hawks for several top-5 finishes, and many very strong efforts!

Women’s results are listed first, with the Men’s Results further below.
(Source: U.S. Track & Field And Cross Country Coaches Association)
Please alert me to any errors or omissions (because you must know it is only a matter of time before I screw something up pretty badly.)

Event: Princeton New Year’s Invitational
Women’s Events
Name Result Place
60m Dash
Stefani Zabilowicz 8.11 16
Jaclyn Kogut 8.13 18
Emily Coldren 8.23 22
Katie Pratt 8.32 26
Ruppel, Genevieve 8.35 28
Karly Cahill 8.46 37
Francesca D’Angelo 8.67 46
60m Hurdles
Stefani Zabilowicz 9.44 12
Jessica Chen 9.45 13
Francesca D’Angelo 9.46 14
Shannon Casey 9.67 18
Mia Greer 10.63 29
300m Dash
Katie Pratt 42.93 9
Jaclyn Kogut 43.37 15
Emily Coldren 43.56 18
Shannon Geddes 43.80 24
Lauren Wenzel 44.03 26
Shannon Casey 44.13 28
Stefani Zabilowicz 44.30 30
Francesca D’Angelo 45.42 38
Karly Cahill 45.91 41
Mia Greer 47.63 46
600m Dash
Danielle Osborne 1:46.61 18
Lisa Chen 1:51.14 25
Hannah Brown 1:54.32 27
1,000m Run
4 X 400m Relay
Katie Pratt, Lauren Wenzel, Jaclyn Kogut, Shannon Geddes 4:03.82 3
Mia Greer, Emily Coldren, Karly Cahill, Danielle Osborne 4:24.39 15
1 Mile Run
Kristin Andrews 5:19.06 2
3,000m Run
High Jump
Hannah Boyce 1.51m – 4′ 11.5″ 11
Pole Vault
Long Jump
Hannah Boyce 4.77m – 15′ 7.75″ 16
Genevieve Ruppel 4.23m – 13′ 10.5″ 24
Triple Jump
Shot Put
Weight Throw

Men Results:

Event: Princeton New Year’s Invitational
Men’s Events
Name Result Place
60m Dash
Tom DiNatale 7.26 14
Tyler Dougherty 7.37 19
60m Hurdles
300m Dash
Tom DiNatale 35.90 6
David Smith 36.24 12
Tyler Dougherty 37.07 20
Griffith Roberts 37.24 22
600m Run
Derek Henry 1:23.00 4
George Arcarola 1:24.66 15
Michael Gallagher 1:25.43 19
Kyle Lampart 1:28.52 30
Ryan Anderson 1:31.00 35
Ian Klinger 1:44.56 38
1,000m Run
Jesse Brooks 2:38.26 6
Ryan Fenimore 2:39.50 10
4 X 400m Relay
David Smith, Derek Henry, Garrett Barbalinardo, Jared Sabre 3:21.28 2
Michael Gallagher, Kyle Lampart, George Arcarola, Adam Drastura 3:34.62 12
1 Mile Run
Luke Fischer 4:21.04 1
Logan Hohs 4:28.29 4
David Manion 4:28.36 5
High Jump
Pole Vault
Long Jump
Michael Yap 5.78m – 18′ 11.75″ 25
Vinny To 5.35m – 17′ 6.75″ 26
Triple Jump
Shot Put
Weight Throw

More news here:

Saint Joseph’s University Men’s track team write-up

Saint Joseph’s University Women’s track team write-up

Direct Athletics

Track & Field results Reporting System

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